The Tealium Universal Data Hub is the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible approach to collect and deliver customer data. Manage tags, APIs, and integrate with over 1,000 vendors.

Unify your data

Connected organizations know their customers, identify untapped opportunities, and deliver incredible customer experiences

Universal Data Hub

Unite your tools and teams with universally-accessible, real-time customer data


Customer Experience

Business Intelligence


Privacy & Data Security

Data Collection

The way you collect data impacts how you can use it. Tealium universally collects customer data from any source including; websites, mobile applications, devices, kiosks, servers, files and more.

When data can’t be collected directly at the source, use flexible Omnichannel functionality to bring in visitor data from other enterprise sources, such as offline sales data. Tealium supports FTP/SFTP, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure file transfer services.

Data Standardization

A little up front work goes a long way towards using your data in every way you can imagine.

Data Organization: Organize customer data into a universal ‘data layer’ that acts as a common data dictionary for the enterprise with uniform taxonomy, hierarchy, classification and structure.

Data Quality: Use event specifications to assign required data elements for incoming event data. Monitor live data flows, with insight into whether or not it meets the specification or needs attention.

Data Integration

Tealium has the largest integration ecosystem on the market with over 1000 pre-built turnkey integrations in addition to flexible APIs, libraries, and connections in custom developer languages.

Data Syndication: Send customer data to any end-point destination via many types of integration capabilities including tags, APIs and local storage for data layer enrichment. Outbound data can consist of event data, profile data, the full firehose of data or any subset / filtered stream of data.

Data Transformation and Enrichment

Build insights and value directly into a portable and customer-centric data asset that can flow across your tech stack and organization.

Data Combination: Combine data from any source, and transform it into new calculated data points. Transformation examples include concatenation, parsing, lookup tables, numerical calculations, etc.

Customer Profiles, Stitching, and Identity Resolution: Creates and persist actionable profiles, enriched with data from any source. Profiles can include personally identifiable information (PII) and custom-created Attributes about individuals. Based on customizable trusted identifiers, perform real-time and continuous stitching of profiles across sessions, devices and joined data sets; resolve identity while recalculating all custom Attributes about visitors at the time of stitch.

Data Activation

Tealium sends action directives (e.g. add or remove from display campaign, send email, update data in a table), via API connectors, to 3rd party marketing technology services.

Data Accessibility: Get multiple capabilities to access and extract both event data and profile data from Tealium to data repositories and tools used for analysis and visualization of data. Formats include feeds, streams and hosted cloud databases.

Machine Learning Readiness: Run models on stored data and use predictive scores for omnichannel targeting and actions. Also leverage your organization’s own machine learning outputs in targeting and customer experience operations.

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